*An Insight into* The Book

The Lonesome Pine, written and published by Jane West, is an inspirational story about a pine tree’s unfulfilled dream of becoming what he was planted to be – a Christmas tree.

Piney, a Nordmann Fir waiting to be taken home from a Christmas tree lot, believes he is perfect, but in the eyes of others he is not. “Please pick me,” he shouted with glee, “I’d love to be a Christmas tree!” But folks just seemed to pass him by, “No, I don’t think so,” he heard them cry. But what is wrong? he asked himself. I’m not different from anyone else. Now I won’t get dressed up in baubles and bows, or have bright shining lights from my head to my toes. I wanted to see the children with smiles, as they awoke to see their presents in piles.

The Lonesome Pine takes us on an unexpected journey, revealing Piney’s hopes, dreams, fears and disappointments. Upon final destination, Piney turns out to be more than he could have ever dreamed of.

Over the years, The Lonesome Pine has received an overwhelming response from fans and has been hailed as the “next Christmas Classic” by booksellers, teachers and readers alike. The book is on the Accelerated Readers Program in schools and has been chosen as a recommended book by the American Library Association and Easter Seals.